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Mens Essential : The Essential Button Down Guide

Mens Essential : The Essential Button Down Guide

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” – Marc Jacobs

 Pro Tip – Vertical lines visually elongate the body.

It is a bright summer day on the weekend? No better excuse to rock your button down shirt. Originally worn by polo players so their collars would not flap around in the wind, it has gone on to become a menswear staple and rightly so. It is comfortable, versatile, and fits almost every body type. Button down shirts are white or blue in colour most of the time, and very common patterns are plain, stripes and checks. A good button down should be made of cotton and must have two buttons on the collar.

The button down screams casual cool in a way no other shirt does, and that’s how we opted to style it for today’s post. We decided to pair it with chinos and a penny loafer for a laid back casual vibe. Then we turned it up a notch with cotton twill pants and a denim jacket; a bit more Dressy but still laid back, and finally a watch. We are firm believers that no man should dress up without a watch. It does not matter if it is a pocket watch that was passed down from your grand father or it is a 20 dollar timex, you should have a watch on you. Period!!!

How can you wear a button down? We’ve got you covered. Here are the do’s and don’ts of the button down shirt

Do Wear a button down:
⁃ In spring, summer and fall, and as the bottom layer in winter(unless you are a participant in a study of hypothermia).
⁃ With or without a tie, with or without an odd jacket.
⁃ with jeans, chino, cotton pants.
⁃ On casual Friday, and any place without strict dress codes.

Do not wear a button down:
⁃ With a suit, a dinner jacket(tuxedo per the American) or God forbid, White tie.
⁃ Any situation that requires the aforementioned dress codes.

These days you would find a button down at almost any menswear store and at different price points. Your local thrift store would also have lots of shirts, but you must have an eye for quality, and remember to get everything tailored. Fit is King!!!


June 2, 2017

  • Christian G. Okwudiwa

    Nice one. Just curious, how or what’s the best way to dress up with a “White Tie” (BTW, I haven’t had one yet but definitely looking forward to it). #CHRISLOVECGO

    • Thank you I myself haven’t had a white tie, but you can were it when you’re going for a more formal look. like a black tuxedo with a white DRESS shirt.

  • MacLeod Sotonye Bob-manuel

    😀 Maro the Model! Great post!
    I’m getting more buttondowns