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Mens Essential | The Trusty Denim

Mens Essential | The Trusty Denim

I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes. – Yves Saint Laurent

Let me ask you a simple question; please do me the favor of taking a moments pause to ponder over it. Does any good person in their right state of mind want to throw away a friend or partner that has supported them or has helped them during various challenges they have gone through ? What’s the answer? Hmmmmm!!  Let me think. NO! Good Answer. This is a known fact, which leads to another known fact. The denim, the trusted denim, has been one of the fashion world’s greatest creation, and has saved people from bad fashion choices.

Denim has been cruising the fashion seas for a very long time, and it’s not going anywhere. I like to officially stamp it as a Mens Essential. People wear it to work and parties, and others pull it off on dates – thumbs up to you guys : ). It is a very functional piece of clothing and you can’t go wrong with it if its worn right.


To wear denim and still look, sexy you have to consider, the style a.k.a the cut or fit, and colour. Each man has his own set of combination. You need to figure out what’s yours. For example, maybe for you, it’s a straight black fitted denim or better still, a slim white fitted denim – Lucky you.

The Fit

Your body structure determines what fit of denim is best for you. For example, a man with a slimmer body might look better in a slim or regular fit denim whereas a bigger or chubby bodied will look better in a relaxed fit. The one thing to remember is that fit is king and you shouldn’t wear a denim that is too tight or too big.


The Colour

Denim comes in different colours these days. There are the basic colours like your blacks, blue and grey, the more risky colours like your red, yellow, white and on it goes. As  gentlemen, you should have the basic colours; they are very versatile and match up with almost anything. I really do not advice to go in to the more riskier colours except you have them in a darker shade, but do so if you can.

Right Color + The Best Fit = Sexy you.


How To Wear Denim

Now That you’ve chosen the best combination for you,  lets style you for your next outing. Like I said Denim is a very versatile piece of clothing and can go with almost anything. You can dress it up with a dress shirt complimented with a blazer and dress shoe. For me I decided to dress it down for a relaxed evening pairing: my dark washed denim with a blue long sleeved sweater, and a pair of Zara sneakers.



Sweater | Thrifted

Denim Jacket | Forver21

Denim Bottoms | Thrifted

Sneakers | Zara



July 7, 2017