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Style Story | The Graduation Outfit Drama

Do you realize how many events, choices, that had to occur since the birth of the universe leading up to the making of you?  Just exactly the way you are. – Mrs Which


Once upon a time in a place far far away from here (Winnipeg), there lived a boy who finished his secondary school education in 2010; failed A levels in 2011;  finally made it to University in 2012 and Graduated in 2018. This is the style story of Ayobami Enioluwa Ige graduation day.


Choosing an outfit for a special day is a surreal and difficult task. Surreal because it is a special day and everything needs to be perfect and difficult because you want to look unique underneath the robe but not so unique that you look like a clown.

In my case, I had an Idea of what I wanted to wear. A double-breasted jacket paired up with an off-white turtleneck shirt tucked into a pair navy dress pants without shoes (joking I had shoes in mind, but I was not sure what kind I wanted to wear). This seemed like the perfect outfit but little did I know it would be difficult to find a ready-made double-breasted jacket in the mall.

Eventually, I found one on Zara but when the jacket arrived it was too big and a size smaller would have been too tight. I took it to the tailor but it was not going to be ready in time for the event so I had to change my initial plans to what you see my wear in the pictures.

The thing is I did not want to wear the traditional male attire for any event, a tuxedo or a suit I wanted to look different which is not a bad thing. I went for the turtleneck sweater tucked into a pair of corduroy pants with an all black Dr. Martens shoe and then tied it all together with a beige blazer.


Turtle Neck : H & M

CordRoy Pants : Urban Outfitter

Jacket : Value Village

Shoes : Dr Martens



  • AY


    Love this post so much

    October 20, 2018
  • Annas Isa


    Nice job Ayo

    October 24, 2018
  • chisom J Mbaegbu


    beautiful write up Ayo

    October 24, 2018