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Think Like A Lady Act Like A Man | Styled to Impress

No matter the flaws you find when you look at yourself in the mirror, somewhere on God’s earth, you are really “doing it” for someone – someone out there is attracted to you. – Steve Harvey – Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man.


Think like a lady act like a man a play of words on Steve Harvey’s book Act like a lady think like a man. It is an interesting topic but I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck it all means. Well, let me tell you.

Most of the time I dress to impress, especially a lady, so I thought if the goal was to impress a lady why not ask a lady what they think of what you’re going to wear out. Think about it this way, it is easy to win a battle if you know what the opposition’s plans are.

For this post I got a beautiful lady to style me on what she might like to see me wear.  I believe she did a fantastic job on choosing the pieces she used to style moi. The look she created was just what I like: simple, stylish and classy.

As you see in the pictures I am wearing a burgundy polo shirt tucked into a navy pinstriped pants paired with a pair of navy tasselled loafers. This is so simple that you can almost add another layer on top of it.

Word From The Stylist

“ It is a casual formal outfit ready for a relaxed outing at your favourite spot – Chisom Mbaegbu “

Tell what you think In the comment, Do think it is a good idea to ask ladies for their opinion on your outfit as men.

Stylist : Chisom Mbaegbu


Polo T-Shirt : Thrifted – Value Village

Pinstriped Pants : Thrifted – Value Village

Loafers : Zara