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Its more than the outfit | 5 Grooming Do’s

Have you ever walked down the streets and walk past a glass window or a shiny surface and taken a glance at your outfit? Yeah, we have all done that, I can’t even deny.


Women, God bless their beautiful souls, have been known for taking their appearances really serious. Appearance almost come as a priority especially when there is an occasion to attend which comes with a whole lot of time and consideration spent towards looking the part ?. Now let’s head over to the men, we don’t really make it as much priority, no big effort on our end as the women do, this habit needs to change. Can I hear an Amen brother? We should not be looking like we crawled out of bed.

In the past, men who spent a long amount of time in the bathroom grooming their body are looked down on and labeled unserious, sometimes even looked at as unmanly ?.  But lo and behold, now times have changed! we have a lot of men fashion enthusiasts like “Teaching men Fashion, Alpha m, Real man Real style “. advocating and advising men on how to not only dress and groom but also look the part ?

One of the most important and neglected parts of style is grooming. It is as crucial as picking the right attire with the right fit. An ungroomed man can make his outfit go down many notches on the point scale, destroying the authentic essence of dressing up.

In this post, I will be outlining 5 ways on how to up your grooming game with a giveaway at the end.

1. Regular Trip to the Baber and knowing the cut that fits your face

This is something I struggle with myself but it shouldn’t be, right? Cutting your hair should be done on a regular basis as it is one part of the physical appearance that is noticed on first contact. You have to make an appointment at most 4 weeks from when you get your last cut or trim. Having the right barber to cut your hair is important, Having the right hairstyle will define your face and trust me a bad haircut or style will make your face look funny ?. I mean no one wants their haircut to be looking like something ordered from wish.com. Make sure the barber is someone you trust and understands your style as much as possible. Having a good cut makes you look sharp and clean and that will up your style.  

2. Find your Signature Scent

The sense of smell is one of the most easily aroused senses we have. Scents are a trigger to most people, I know am included.  A person that smells bad turns people off real quick, from a 100 to a 0. That is why you have to incorporate the use of deodorants and cologne as they enhance your good body scent. This is one for the bros out there, It is important you choose scents that you like and feel comfortable with. Also, pick a  scent that can last for a long time after it has been sprayed because we do not want to have to spray frequently to keep the scent on your body. A little bit of contradiction,  I do advise not to use too much perfume, cause when a scent becomes chocky and uncomfortable to people around it is as equivalent to a bad or rotten smell. No one wants to choke on your scent fam.

3. Manscaping and Shaving

In this day an age, it is acceptable for a man to trim his pubic hair, trust me when I say you do not want George of the jungle swinging down there. Bro, trim down there, no one wants to be staring down at a bush! We should always keep the jungle trimmed and clean. Same with our face, shave of rogue hair scattered on your cheeks to get that clean look. Rogue hair ain’t the shit, it makes you look untidy, and like my African mom would say you look like a mad somebody (In an African Accent). One secret I’m willing to give away for free is, use different tools for your face and pubes. DO NOT GET THEM MIXED UP, THAT’S JUST NASTY, EWWWW. DON’T BE A DIRTY PEOPLE!!!!!

4. Take your Oral Hygiene Serious

Imagine someone walking up to you, he got the look, smell nice, even got the fit right but once he opens his mouth, what comes out sends your nose on a spiral journey. I won’t lie I have been in this situation and I am grateful for my girlfriend cause she calls me out on this which is good. Good oral Hygiene has been in play since of age. Please try to brush twice a day and carry a mint with you. We do not want a kissing opportunity or business missed due to bad oral hygiene. One advice I will give to everyone is to see the dentist regularly that my friend will help you in the long run. Another free secret? The ladies love a good old white dentition with a fresh breath ?


5. Grooming your nails:

One thing lots of men take for granted is their nails. We should be cleaning and cutting our nails regularly, get a manicure and pedicure every 4 to 6 weeks. Maybe I overstretched that men take grooming their nails for granted so let me rephrase- Men neglect the importance of going for a manicure and pedicure, it is not only for ladies and I must say It is important especially for health reasons. No one wants to shake a hand with unkempt visible nails bro.

Pay attention to the nails as it frames your fingers. So you know I always got you guys in mind. I’m doing a giveaway for free time at the Blacksmith Parlor and also some 10% Off Coupons. Blacksmith Parlour is an upscale salon that caters to and specializes in men’s grooming needs. Please, ejo, biko,  spoil yourself, your bros and you man them to a mani-pedi combo. You won’t regret it!

Me I have said my own ooo, it’s left for you to take it or leave it. Na you Sabi (you are the one that knows)



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Ladies, you can also win for your man, and if you are without a man, you never know this can bring him ?


  • G. Tommy


    Grooming the naaaails!!!! I think more men should do that. Not to overdo, but there’s ” sometin sezi ” about a man who takes care of himself to that extent. Maybe post some diy everyday tips on how to keep them looking good for those who are so far gone, their fingers look like there’s no hope left???‍♀️

    April 5, 2019
  • ChiE


    Well hey !!! Nice read sighed cofreak

    April 5, 2019
  • Wole Jr



    April 5, 2019
  • Chisom


    Lovely post ??, and wonderful grooming tips. Men please take note.

    April 5, 2019
  • Pink Lady ?


    ??? can I be the unserious one… ?? grooming the nails…mehn… that’s work. I’m glad I don’t have nails to groom ??‍♂️

    April 6, 2019