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The Fashion Architect

#4 | Style For Short People

How To Improve Your Style As A Short Person ??‍♂️

Let’s face it some of us are short and some short people are not able to get the attention they want. What can I say. ? I am short of words ? . But on a much serious note, one way to get yourself noticed is by using your style. (Nobody can resist a good looking person ?). So for today’s tip. I will give tips on how to improve your style as a short man.

  1. Color | For a person just starting out I will advise wearing monochromatic colors. Also, stick to the same shade. of colors. If you are wearing dark make sure all your pieces are dark as well. This gives your outfit a streamlined look, avoiding any break in your outfit. (not wearing belts will also give the same effect.) Note wear a belt if you have to. We don’t want your pants falling down?
  2. Fit | I cannot overemphasize this. The fit of your clothing is important. wearing non-fitted clothes makes you look smaller than you actually look. You can read our last tip on visiting the tailor.
  3. Proportion | Just like the fit of your clothing, everything to wear to compliment your outfit has to be proportional to your body size. Watches, bracelets, hats, etc

Hope you use these tips and others that will come your way. See you tomorrow.