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Men in Pink

Men In Pink | Can a man wear the color pink?  

Think about it well before you answer. So what’s your answer? Pink or No Pink

If your answer is ‘NO’ oh boy you’ve failed but if your answer is ‘YES’ Well you’re correct. Men can definitely wear pink. Who said they couldn’t?

Next question, how does one wear pink and look good?

Glad I asked. Now come on and read along to know my thoughts on the color pink and men.



I remember watching a video on youtube by kevOnStage. Kev was reacting to a comment that a viewer posted on one his video where he wore a shirt that looks pink. The commenter basically said they were tired of seeing men wear pink because its feminine.


A lot of people have this misconception that pink is a girly color and for that reason, it shouldn’t be worn by men. All that is BS, pink looks good on lots of men and brings life to their outfit if worn well.



The color pink was not always associated with men, In fact, warriors wore pink to the battlefield to fight. It wasn’t until 1960 when parents wanted to differentiate between their children so they associated blue with boys and pink with girls.



So how do you wear pink as a guy?


Find the right shade for you

Choosing what shade/tone of color fits your skin tone is as difficult as choosing what haircut fits your head shape. Some of us will look better in dark colors and others in light colors. Another factor that you can use to help you with choosing the shade of color that fits your skin is your skin undertone, you can determine what shade of pink fits you best by knowing if you have a warm or cool undertone. Huffington Post has a good gallery on what shade of pink works best for the different undertones.

Use it as accessories

Most people are afraid to wear a bold amount of pink. The truth is that ok, you do not have to wear an all pink shirt or jacket to benefit from the advantages of the color. You can use them in small ways through your accessories. Throwing on a pink tie or a pink watch strap for your Apple watch, or a pair of socks with pink polka dots. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your small pieces complement your entire outfit. Don’t intentionally wear a  pink item if it’s going to destroy your final look. Ain’t nobody wanna be looking mismatched!


Pair it with the right piece

You have to give thought to what you wear out in public because you are putting yourself out for people to see. You don’t want to go out there looking like a clown. What I’m trying to say with regards to the topic is that do not match the wrong pieces or wrong color with your pink clothing It. I’ll say wear a maximum of 2 pink pieces in the entire outfit. Pink can be a loud color it is advisable to tone it down with a neutral color like grey, black or navy.

Have fun

I know all these color talks can be very stressful, just remember to have fun while doing it. Remember your style is important while you’re improving it, it is important you enjoy the process.

Be yourself in the end and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone with colors.

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