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Men In Pink | Can a man wear the color pink?   Think about it well before you answer. So what’s your answer? Pink or No Pink If your answer is ‘NO’ oh boy you’ve failed but if your answer is ‘YES’

Who would have thought that when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake walked on the red carpet in their all denim attire in the early 2000s that we wouldn’t have gouged our eyes out but instead embraced denim full on or

I feel like a turtleneck dress that's long-sleeved and covers your entire body but is tight fitting is so much sexier than boobs spilling out, you know? So I guess I'm more into being classy sexy versus apparent sexy. ----

Fashion is always changing and it moves in a cyclic manner at that. We tend to bring back old trends to our new school fashion which in a way makes us seem more fashionable than someone dressed in an average